Gantry type CNC milling machine or machining center, with fixed table, movable gantry and fixed or movable (W) cross beam.

X: 3.000 – 20.000 mm
Y: 3.750 (4.750-5.750)* mm
Z: 1.250 (1.500)* mm

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ZAYER THERA gantry type milling machine with fixed cross beam, while THERA W has a movable cross beam. These machines have been designed using the most advanced design and calculation tools. The result is cast iron structural components that provide greater rigidity and damping.

This model offers a dynamic behavior and benefits superior to the machines of the same range to get rapid progress of 50 m/min (Y,Z). Its geometrically symmetrical design ensures good thermal performance which gives great stability. One of the advantages of this model is its ease of installation, since due to its optimal height, its location can be at ground level. It also offers a wide choice of different automatically changeable heads for different applications which could require 3-axis, 3+2 axis or 5-axis machining.

ZAYER offers patented 45º and 30º automatic heads which could be either positioning (360.000 pos. 0.001º) or continuous for 5-axis machining. A standard is 45º automatic mechanical head (max. 6000 min-1). Optionally available high speed heads with electrospindle and max. 18,000 or 25,000 min-1.

ZAYER 45º and 30º heads have advantages versus traditional “fork” type heads: less overall dimensions and as result better access to machining features; less pivot distance which minimize errors and improves the head rigidity and dynamics.

This model aims to encompass markets that require machining of high productivity and quality.

* Optional

Thera Thera W
Table length – mm 3.500 – 20.500
Table width – mm 2.000 (3.000- 4.000)*
Distance between columns – mm 3.000 (3.500-5.000)*
Longitudinal travel – mm 3.000-20.000
Cross travel – mm 3.750 (4.250-5.750)*
Vertical travel – mm 1.250 (1.500-1.750)*
Cross beam travel (W axis) – mm 1.100 (1.350)*
Max. distance from table to spindle nose -mm 1.740 (1.990)* 2.450 (2.700)*
Working feed – mm/min up to 20.000
Rapid feed – mm/min X: 20.000; Y-Z: 50.000
Drives X-Y-Z X-Y: Two motors rack and pinion Z: 2 Ball screws
Power (S1) – kW 43
Speed of mechanical spindle head – min-1 4.500 – 6.000
Positioning and repeatability accuracy – mm 0.008/4.000-0.005
Tool magazine 30 (40-60-80)*
Allowed weight on the table – kg/m2 15.000
Approx. net weight – kg 30.000-150.000

● Standard | ○ Optional


45º Automatic Head
360.000 pos. 0.001º

30º automatic head 360.000 pos. 0.001º

30º automatic head – 360.000 positions each
0.001º / continuous rotation with electrospindle

Direct Outlet head

Extended "L" shaped head

Change of heads
Coolant tank 1.000 l | 30 l/min – 22 bar / 60 l/min – 5 bar
Chip Conveyor