ARION CNC bridge type milling machine or machining center, fixed cross beam and moving table. The ARION G is the award winning multi-tasking machine built on the same platform.

ARION G, multitask machining center that combines milling & turning functions.With the development and incorporation of the latest technologies in its design and manufacture, it has achieved a versatile, ergonomic, precise, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly machine.

The use of advanced technologies in the incorporation of materials, processes and mechanisms has resulted in an intelligent machine that can communicate with the outside, even before requiring attention thanks to predictive maintenance through HORUS, 4.0 services platform.

Sustainability has been an important element, eliminating complexity, incorporating designs with less environmental impact and requiring fewer consumables for maintenance.

ZAYER has managed to manufacture a machine easy to use, safe and intuitive for the user.

* Optional

Table length – mm 3000 – 4000 mm
Table width – mm 1600 (2000)*
Distance between columns – mm 2000 (2500)*
Longitudinal travel – mm 3000 – 4000 mm
Cross travel – mm 2600 (3100)*
Vertical travel – mm 1100
Max. distance from table to spindle nose – mm 1440 [high torque] 1210 [high speed]
Working Feed – mm/min up to 15000
Rapid feed – mm/min 30000
Drives of X-Y-Z – mm Ball screw
Power – kW 24
Speed of the spindle head – min-1 6000 [high torque] 18000 [high speed]
Positioning and repeatability accuracy – mm 0.008/4000-0.005
Tool magazine 20 (30-40)*
Approx. net weight – kg 35.000 – 50.000

● Standard | ○ Optional


45º Automatic Head
360.000 pos. 0.001º

30º automatic head – 360.000 positions each
/ continuous rotation with electrospindle

Direct Outlet head

Change of heads
Coolant tank 800 l | 30 l/min – 20 bar / 60 l/min – 5 bar
Rotary table
Chip Conveyor