ATT Series (1500 mm – 2400 mm)

Two vertical boring mills with a single control.


The turning and milling vertical lathe Pietro Carnaghi model ATF has been designed with a very compact thermo-symmetrical structure with one single column assembled on the machine base. ATF lathe can be equipped with a double pallet system, rotating 0 – 180°, useful to make a part centering on the external pallet, while the internal pallet is in a machining process. Compactness, rigidity, and extreme precision make the pallet ATF an ideal solution for the machining of the most precise mechanical components.

    ATT 15 ATT 24
Max. turning diameter mm 1500 2400
Table – Pallet diameter mm 1250 / 1400 2000 / 2200
Max. allowable weight t 12 20
Standard RPM RPM 4,4 – 650 / 1,1 – 400 0,7 – 275 / 0,7 – 250
Turning power kw 60 – (100)
Turning height mm 750 – (1000) – (1200)
Ram section mm 250 x 250
Ram stroke Z axis mm 1000 – (1250)
Milling power kw 37
Max. RPM RPM 3000 – (6000)
Rapid feeds X-Z-axes mm/min 30000

With the consolidated experience in a wide range of application fields, and years of cooperation with the more important and experienced manufacturing companies all around the world, Pietro Carnaghi developed, in more than 80 years, the most advanced and reliable accessories.

A brief list of the main accessories:
• Automatic and modular turning toolholders
• Turning toolholders with automatic extensions
• Table with Y-axis and milling head with Y-axis travel
• Second (mirror) carriage
• Grinding accessories

Considering the relevant milling spindle speed (3000 g/1’) and the balance of the masses in the spindle itself, it is possible to have a dedicated accessory for grinding operations.

In order to reach higher rotational speeds grinding electrospindles are available.
• Universal heads
• High-speed milling heads
• Table/pallet with hydraulic automatic jaws
• Magnetic tables
• High-pressure toolholders (up to 750 bar)
• Automatic boring heads with controller axis