12″-24″ Vertical Turning Center for Mass Production

VT-650 turning centers reducing cutting time, the rigid high-speed tool turret is durable with high speed indexing, providing consistent and stable machining performance most suitable for mass production.

Integrated, ultra-durable bed

VT-650 has an integrated 45-degree angle bed frame to minimize heat distortion, and the precision-polished wide guide surface and the unique bed design absorb the vibration sufficiently, to ensure high degree of precision at hard turning. All guide surfaces are rectangular and incorporate tack guide to maintain rigidity and accuracy in prolonged operation.

High-performance spindle

The spindle in VT-650 provides powerful chucking for stable, precise machining. The Hwacheon clean room assembly facility, where these super-precision, super-speed spindles are manufactured, maintains optimal temperature and humidity, and is kept free of any foreign substances. Only the most skilled master engineers are allowed in the assembly facility, to produce only the best equipment under the toughest quality standard in the industry.

High performance transmission

The gear transmission system allows for high-torque turning at low speed and also high speed turning. The transmission and the spindle motor are designed separately so that the heat and the vibration generated from the transmission don’t interfere with the spindle axis. Max. torque: 2,572Nm (when the αp40 motor is equipped with the transmission system)