Heavy-Duty Cutting for Large Workpieces

The machines can handle a variety of complex processes from turning to milling and drilling in one setting. With the heavy structure, this turning center can cut down your machining process and make your work more precise and productive.

Independent Feed and Processing Areas

To prevent the lubricant from dripping on the work surface, the work area and the feed area have been completely separated. The machine’s environment-friendly design doesn’t require a water-oil separator because the lubricant and the cooling fluid work independently–such design is ideal for processing automobile parts such as brake disks, brake drums, and brake hubs.

High-Rigidity Mechanical Structure

Load dispersion through the box-way design. Smooth sliding – Application of Hwacheon’s advanced air levitation system on the X-axis guideway maintains high precision during roughing. – Class-leading rapid feed rate (X/Z) of 24 m/min.

Item Unit VT-1150+ VT-1150+MG VT-1150+/MC VT-1150+MG/MC
Swing over Bed mm Ø1,350
Max Cutting Diameter mm Ø1,150 Ø1,320 Ø1,150
Max Cutting Length mm 950
Chuck Size inch 40″ (OPT : 32″ / 50″)
Max Spindle Speed rpm 630
Spindle Bearing Inner Diameter mm Ø240
Spindle Motor kW 55 / 45
Number of Tool Station ea 12 CAPTO C6 : 12
/ CAPTO C8 : 10
24 CAPTO C6 : 12
/ CAPTO C8 : 10
Feedrate Rapid Speed (X/Z) m/min 24 / 20
Feedrate Max Stroke (X/Z) mm 610 / 950
Turnmill Spindle Motor kW 7.5 / 5.5  (OPT : 11 / 7.5)
Min. Index Angle ˚(deg) 0.0001˚
NC Controller Fanuc 0i-TF