Hard Machining Results Every Time VESTA VESTA-1300B is the Answer

Hwacheon’s vertical machining center employ highly tough, highly rigid box way design on all axes for ultimate precision. These machines can be configured with a wide choice of spindle models to satisfy your production needs.

Tough Machine Structure

The super rigid C-type machine structure, designed with the help from finite element analysis, minimizes any distortion which may occur from changes in machining environment and condition The box way design for all axes is perfect for vibration absorption during heavy duty machining.

High-Performance Spindle

The spindle with the direct-coupled motor (standard) does not have any other power transmission components, delivering motor rotations, power, and torque directly to the tool without loss. Bearings are coated with semi-permanent grease-lubricant and the air curtain completely prevents contamination, while jacket-circulation spindle frame cooling system minimizes thermal displacement.

High-Precision Feed Drive

The feed surface is coated with fluorinated resin, and is hand-scraped to precision by Hwacheon master technicians to minimize the friction. To limit the distortion during the feed, 4-guide box way has been incorporated in the Y axis, making the total width of the slide way wide to increase the bearing capacity and to decrease the surface area of friction. This optimizes the compressive force of the slide way, which translates to increased feed precision.