This is the Perfect Die and Mold Solution You’ve Been Looking For

UH500 is a vertical die and mold center whose performance is world leading, it provides your company with a total one stop production solution, from tool selection to final product.

The bilateral gate structure

The bilateral gate structure in UH500 is the ideal design for distributing the vibration, the weight, and the heat throughout the entire frame. The machine is built through the finite element analysis to minimize the frame distortion which may be caused by machining condition or environment. The distance between the spindle and the body is designed short, so the machine stays stable after a prolonged operation.

The spindle integrates the motor

The spindle integrates the motor to limit vibration, noise, and power loss at high speed rotation. The jet of oil is injected directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling, and the motor and the spindle assembly are jacket-cooled to limit the displacement caused by heat. To achieve greater precision, the spindle constantly monitors for possible thermal displacement and makes necessary adjustment in real time.

Easy Work Setup

Optimized for mold machining, the User Graphic Measuring Cycle offers a convenient programming environment and delivers precision machining by measuring the workpiece in the machine and comparing data.