From Graphite Electrodes to Core Machining

SMART UaX is a one-stop machine that can finish CAM calculation, tool path optimization, and machining at the same time with up to four times of button clicks. It realizes 24-hour unmanned machining provide ultimate productivity.

Generation of optimized NC data

NC data is generated and sent automatically . If a problem occurs during machining Unattended machining is achieved by automatically analyzing and editing NC programs.

Automatic tool compensation and life management, Optimum process control tools

The process step-by-step tool to check the status and pre- correction tools to prevent breakage and abrasion due to processing errors from occurring. Each material processed per hour forecasts, records and time records by using tools , life cycle management can be possible to be ready for the next process.

Workpiece automatic detection

Automatic placing a workpiece and automatically detects the size and position of the workpiece . Prevent the pre- processing error to minimize non-cutting time . When the defective material is set automatically by detecting the H-SMART analysis after bad shape compared to omit the process.