High-Precision Vertical Machining Center With Hard Roughing Capability

SIRIUS-UZ occupies the peek position among the high-precision vertical machining center SIRIUS-U series that boast the world best performance. SIRIUS-UZ provides the best machining solution in terms of product quality with it’s powerful roughing and precise finishing capabilities.

High-Performance Spindle

· Enhanced roughing capability compared to other machines of the same class
· Uniform head rigidity regardless of Z-axis position
· High-speed spindle that lengthens the lifespan of small tools and enhances machining conditions : 24,000 rpm (Opt.)

Convenient Usability

· Reliable chip disposal
· Built-in magnetic table with excellent usability for material installation (Opt.)

Product Quality Improvement

· Optimized structure for precision machining
· Control of thermal frame deformation due to internal chip/cutting oil
· Decreased sensitivity to external temperature change
· Separation of vibration sources