World’s Best Precision Machining Center (New) SIRIUS-UL+ is the Best SIRIUS-UL+ Model Yet

(New) SIRIUS-UL+ is a high-precision vertical machining center that boasts the world’s best performance. It’s powerful roughing and precise finish machining capabilities provide the best machining solution in terms of product quality.

Optimized Structural Design Through FEM Analysis

(New)SIRIUS-UL+ has an optimally designed frame structure. Experience top quality, precise machining based on a powerful frame.

Oil-jet Cooling System

The jet of oil is injected directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling, and the motor and the spindle assembly are jacket-cooled to limit the displacement caused by heat.

A Variety of Extra Features

With a user-centric architecture, (New)SIRIUS-UL+ offers a user-friendly design and a variety of options. The standard options include lift-type screw conveyors, air/coolant gun and 3-color warning lamp.
These functions help operators concentrate fully on machining operations and work more safely and efficiently.