Worldwide Professional Count On SIRIUS-850 Box Way Machining Center

The SIRIUS-850 vertical machining centers incorporates highly rigid box way slide design for all axes for absolute consistent work result.

The super rigid C-type machine structure

SIRIUS-850 features super rigid C-type machine structure, designed with the help from finite element analysis to minimize any distortion which may occur from changes in machining environment and condition. The box way design for all axes is perfect for vibration absorption during heavy duty machining, and the Hwacheon-developed air levitation system on the X and Y axes keeps the workpiece stable while cutting a heavy-load subject.

The spindle integrates the motor

The spindle integrates the motor to limit vibration, noise, and power loss at high speed rotation. The jet of oil is injected directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling, and the motor and the spindle assembly are jacket-cooled to limit the displacement caused by heat. To achieve greater precision, the spindle constantly monitors for possible thermal displacement and makes necessary adjustment in real time.