HL-630 is equipped with a jog switch on the headstock, heavy-duty spindle bearing, and the wide guiding surface-perfect for any application where it the key.

High-Performance 3-Point Support Spindle

HL630 is fitted with a super-precision taper roller bearing, and the standard chuck size is 14 in. with 12/16/18/20/24 in. being optional. The lathe uses 12-speed dial gear transmission and the mono lever allows precise control of spindle feed.

Increased User Convenience

The use of levers makes it easy to operate the carriage, and the brake pedal extends the scope of operation.

Dual-Clamping Tailstock

The tailstock’s robust clamping power allows a secure fitting of materials and provides high-precision processing and operation stability.

Swing Over Bed mm Ø630
Distance Between Centers mm 2 000 / 3 000
Swing Over Cross Slide mm Ø380
Type of Spindle Nose KS A1-8" or D1-8"
Spindle Speed rpm 1 205
Spindle Taper of Center M.T No.5
Taper of Spindle Bore M.T No.7
Through Spindle Hole Diameter mm Ø77
Quill Taper M.T No.5
Spindle Motor kW 11
Electrical Power Supply kVA 20