Hwacheon D2-5AX


Heavy-Duty 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center, High-Speed and high-Productivity

D2-5AX is equipped with a acceleration / deceleration conveyance system design optimized for a minimal cycle time and has a structure that allows an easy access to robots and AWC, showing excellent performance in mass production.

Machining Stability Ensured
  • Stable base and column frame
  • Highly-rigid LM guide for every axis
  • Rigid Gantry structure suitable for high acceleration/deceleration
Magazines in Various Specifications
  • Minimum input unit of 0.0001°
  • For High-torque and High-precision machining, dual worm gear is applied in rotary & tilting table (B / C-axis)
  • Hydraulic clamping system
  • Application of hydraulic/pneumatic lines for automation (Opt.)
High-precision Rotary Table
  • Various specifications are available based on users’ tool types [30 ea (Opt. : 40, 60 ea)]


Product Movie
Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System

HTDC integrates the Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control system and the Frame Displacement Control System.

Hwacheon High-Efficiency Contour Control System

HECC offers an easy-to-use programming interface for different work-pieces and different processing modes. The system provides a precise,custom contour control for the selected workpiece, while prolonging the life of the machine and decreasing process time. The customizable display provides real-time monitoring and quick access.

Hwacheon Tool Load Detection System

HTLD constantly monitors the tool wear to prevent accidents,which may occur from a damaged tool and help to stop tool wear from deteriorating the workpiece.

Cutting Feed Optimization System

OPTIMA utilizes an adaptive control method to regulate the feed rate in real time, to sustain the cutting load during a machining process. As a result the tools are less prone to damage and the machining time is reduced.

Hwacheon Rotation Center Calibration System

Hwacheon’s Rotation Center Calibration System automatically measures and sets the reference point of pivot in a 5-axis machine in under one minute, to lower the workpiece setup time and increase the machining quality. The system also creates and manages a database of the reference points for different temperature and time to limit the deviation of the rotation center.