6″ – 8″ Horizontal Turning Center

The pinnacle of Hwacheon technology, CUTEX-160 quickly became the industry standard in small-size turning centers when it was introduced. Its compact design, rigid construction, and a wide range of options makes CUTEX-160 the perfect solution for all your production requirements.

Integrated, ultra-durable bed

CUTEX-240 has an integrated 45-degree angle bed frame to minimize heat distortion, and the precision-polished wide guide surface and the unique bed design absorb the vibration sufficiently, to ensure high degree of precision at hard turning. All guide surfaces are rectangular and incorporate tack guide to maintain rigidity and accuracy in prolonged operation.

High-Rigidity Spindle

High-rigidity, high-precision recuperative cylindrical roller bearing of Ø240 mm (9.45”) and double thrust angular bearing are mounted on the front to maintain superb stability even during hard roughing operation. A powerful AC 45 kW spindle motor is coupled directly to 2 gearboxes, producing class-leading high torque at various rotations from low speed to high speed. (4-speed automatic transmission)

베드 위의 스윙 mm
최대 가공 경 mm
최대 가공 길이 mm
척 크기 inch
최대 주축 회전 속도 rpm
주축 관통 경 mm
주축 모터 kVA
공구 부착 면의 수 ea
급속 이송 속도 m/min
최대 이송 거리 mm
턴밀 스핀들 모터 kVA
C축 분할 각도 deg