HALTER LoadAssistant

The HALTER LoadAssistant is a robotic system for loading workpieces into CNC machines. It is a universal solution for both CNC lathes and machining centers, with a rotating loading system to handle a large range of workpieces.

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HALTER LoadAssistant

More and more companies are choosing the HALTER LoadAssistant because of its simplicity and very short set-up times, which allow even small and large batches to be automated. In addition, metalworking companies can realize more spindle hours with their existing machine shop without adding employees, making them more competitive. Since the depreciation costs of the HALTER LoadAssistant are a fraction of the costs of an employee, this investment is a clearly economical choice. HALTER LoadAssistant users confirm that the pay back for this investment is very quick (normally within 6-12 months). The HALTER LoadAssistant is a robust, high-quality system that will do its job for many years in a stable and accurate way. It will immediately increase your profits considerably.

Key Benefits with the HALTER LoadAssistant

  • More spindle hours at lower costs
  • Higher utilization of your machine shop
  • Very short payback period (6-12 months)
  • CNC operators are relieved of simple and repetitive tasks
  • By investing in one HALTER LoadAssistant you can robotize several CNC machines

Key Features of the HALTER LoadAssistant

  • Rotating loading system for a wide range of products
  • HALTER SmartControl is self-explanatory, no robotic experience is required
  • Set-up takes less than 5 minutes
  • Easy to move from one machine to another within your workshop
  • All-in-one-design means no additional units, fences or cables are necessary
  • Full access to the machine
  • Minimal occupation of floor space, including the safety zone, due to the rotating loading system
  • No compromise on the total safety of your operators
  • Can be used with any brand of CNC machine
  • Maximum load capacity of robot arm: 10 kg, 20 kg or 35 kg


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