GURUTZPE Turning Notching Machine

Turning Notching Machine specifically designed for turning and notching roll mills.

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Turning Notching Machine

Based on GURUTZPE turning notching lathe model GL13, this machine integrates two of the most common functions in corrugation rollers, turning to clean the damaged surface and Notching to redo-mark and recover the primary grooves to continue laminating without stopping. Less space, fewer operators required, lower investment… higher profitability.


Turning Notching Machine Main Characteristics

  • “V” guiding; maximum robustness, damping capacity and precision maintained over time.
  • FAMOC system for quick change of the machining function.
  • Corrugated module the same as the machine described above.
  • Turning module with robust square turret.
  • Specific programs for rolling and corrugation operations for lamination rollers.<

Turning Notching Machine Specifications

Turning Notching Machine
Machining Area Swing over bed Sob mm ∅ 1300
Swing over carriage Soc mm ∅ 1000 (Turning)
∅ 500 (Notching)
Distance between points Lbc m ≤ 4
Head Motor power S1/S6 Pm kW 28/34 [39/48]
Motor torque S1/S6 Tm kNm 5 3/6 5 [7 4/9 2]
Range of speeds ns rpm 0÷1000*
Chuck Adaptation DIN 55026 3
Spindle bore ∅ sb mm Ø110
Tail-stock center Part weight e.p. Wbc t 6 / 10

* Peak speed for 10 minutes. Maximum speed in continuous, 60% of peak speed. Contact us to learn more about other possibilities.