GURUTZPE Railway Axle Lathe

Railway Axle Lathe is a special machine that enables you to manufacture / turn thousands of railway axles.

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GURUTZPE Railway Axle Lathe

Based on the successful GURUTZPE Lathe GLX16 model, this machine integrates the most productive solutions to guarantee the turning of thousands of axles with no problems. Double traction on the shaft and double simultaneous machining system, in order to reduce the processing time for each part as much as possible, maintaining the required precision over time.


Axle Lathe Main Characteristics

  • Double motorized head, with automatic securing chucks that guarantee the machining of the piece in one securing position.
  • Two independent carriages in order to simultaneously machine the part.
  • Hydraulic support steady rests to guarantee the perfect stability of the part during its machining and thus achieve greater precision.
  • Possibility of performing other operations on the axle: drilling, facing…

Axle Lathe Specifications

Swing over bed mm 700
Swing over carriage mm .000
Axle length mm 3.000
Maximum axle weight t 10
Main spindle chuck adaptation DIN 55026-A15
Range of speeds rpm 0÷500
Motor power S1/S6 kW 2×71
Forward speed “X” / “Z” m/min 8/6
Length x Width x Height (3m) m 9 8 x 3 3 x 2 9