GURUTZPE Landing Gear Lathe

Landing Gear Lathes are special machines designed for turning aerospace landing gear.

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Landing Gear Lathe

Based on our lathe mod. GLX16, this machine has the particular characteristic of having the mobile head lengthwise, with an architecture that generates a “neckline” between the head and the main bed. Thus allowing the tipping of the “T-piece” in both securing directions, adapting the distance between points to each part length and being able to perform all the external and internal turning operations in optimal conditions.


Landing Gear Lathe Main Characteristics

  • Tipping capacity of up t3000 mm on “neckline”.
  • Special chucks for various securing tools.
  • Quick and easy set-up between different parts.
  • Automatic integration of internal boring bars.
  • Optimal operative ergonomics.

Landing Gear Lathe Specifications

Landing Gear Lathe
Machining Area Swing over bed Sob mm ∅ 1300 (Part weight e.p.)
∅ 1600 (neckline)
Swing over carriage Soc mm ∅ 800
Distance between points Lbc m ≤ 4
Head Motor power S1/S6 Pm kW 28/34 [39/48]
Motor torque S1/S6 Tm kNm 5 3/6 5 [7 4/9 2]
Range of speeds ns rpm 0÷1000*
Chuck Adaptation DIN 55026 A11
Spindle bore ∅ sb mm Ø110
Tail-stock center Part weight e.p. Wbc t 6 / 10