GURUTZPE presents its new range of TurnMill machines. Cutting-edge technology to meet the highest demands of the market.

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GURUTZPE Turning Solutions SL extends, with the new GSM Series, its proposal for integral machining solutions on revolution parts. State of the art technologies are implemented in order to accomplish the highest demands of the market.

With the multitask GSM10 / GSM13 / GSM16 TurnMills, GURUTZPE offers a complete turning-milling-boring (5 axis) We incorporate the latest technologies on each system of the machine and thus be able to optimally machine parts up to Ø1,6m; 10 m long and 20 tons. All of it with a high level of automation, to be able to finish the workpiece machining on a single set-up.

Main Characteristics:

  • Access to the entire work area, both at the time of loading / unloading, as in other intermediate operations (measurements, tool checking…) is unbeatable.
  • Thousands of hours of engineering, decades of experience … to finally end up in a simple and balanced solution. Deep mastery of technologies to just keep the essentials.
  • Automatic clamp of piece, automatic change of tools and heads, automatic measurement of tool and piece… The operator does not have to intervene more than is essential. No waste of time.
  • Starting from successful machine modules, to allow a composition adapted to each need.
  • More than 50 years of experience designing-manufacturing-assembling the most robust cast iron bedways (both flat and slant) and the best machining columns, with an optimal combination of guidance systems.
  • The simplicity mentioned above, also in its programming, operation and maintenance. SIEMENS control modules, in addition to other GURUTZPE particular cycles, for quick interaction with the machine. Optimal use with CAM SIEMENS-NX systems.


Working range
Nominal center distance (L) mm 8000
Swing over bed mm 1300
Swing over steady carriage mm 1300
Workpiece weight (b/c) t 10/15
Main spindle & drive
Spindle head DIN 55026 size A15
strongSpindle Ø front bearing mm 240/300
Max spindle speed rpm 1500/1200
Max power S1/S6 (60%) kW 74(90)/102(136)
Max torque S1/S6 (60%)(60%) kNm 9.5(11.7)/11.6(15.5)
C axis
Max spindle speed rpm 15
Max torque kNm 7/8.5
>Quill Ø mm 220/280
Quill travel mm 200/250
Quill thrust kN 60/95
Thrust system hydraulic
Live center MK6/ME100
Z/X and Y (RAM) axis
Guiding system Z/X/Y Rollers/Rollers/Hydrostati
Feed force Z/X/Y kN 50/30/30
Rapid traverse Z/X/Y mm/min 20/20/20
Travel Z mm L+250
Travel X mm 1175(-25+1150)
Travel Y(RAM) mm 650(-300/+350)
Milling spindle & B axis
Max spindle speed rpm 5000
Max power S1 kW 37
Max torque S1 kNm 1.3
Spindle front bearing Ø mm 100
B axis stroke º 220(-110/+110)
B axis indexing º 2.5
Max torque B axis indexed kNm 20
Max torque B axis braked kNm 15
Swiwelling torque B axis kNm 2.5
Smallest propgramable increment º 0.001
Boring bar
Max. Ø on Capto C8 adaptor mm 80
Max. Ø on external clamping mm 140
Tool magazine (ATC)
Tool system for turning or milling C8/HSK100*
Tool stations 40-80-120*
Max tool Ø mm 125
Max tool Ø/ free neighbour mm 250
Max tool weight kg 35
Max tool length mm 850

* Other values on request.