GURUTZPE GLH Horizontal Lathe

GLH Series Heavy Range Flatbed Lathes up to 3000mm Swing & 90T between Centers.

0sb≤3000mm         Wbc≤90t

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These machines have a mono-block cast iron bed with 4 + 1 guides and V-shaped self-centering double guiding hardened and rectified. They combine flexibility (carriage crossing) with maximum rigidity, precision, durability, and excellent ergonomics. Thus, the worker can, comfortably and safely, supervise the machining process at all times. These characteristics make the GLH horizontal lathe excellent for different machining operations, allowing the production of a wide range of large parts.

GLH Horizontal Lathe Main Characteristics

  • Reduction in commissioning operations. Great productivity
  • Good access to the work area, safe and ergonomic.
  • Great stability and excellent damping.
  • Optimal chip evacuation.
  • The machines can be equipped with milling, grinding, boring units, etc. to allow very varied machining to be performed.

GURUTZPE GLH Horizontal Lathe Specifications

Machining Area Swing over bed Sob mm ∅ 2500 ∅ 3000
Swing over carriage Soc mm ∅ 2100 ∅ 2500
Distance between points Lbc m ≤ 25 ≤ 30
Head Motor power S1/S6 Pm kW 92/114 92/114 113/140 113/140 113/140 142/176
Motor torque S1/S6 Tm kNm 31,2/38,7 31,2/38,7 65/80 38,3/47,5 65/80 81,4/100
Range of speeds ns rpm 0÷500 0÷500 0÷300 0÷500 0÷300 0÷250
Chuck adaptation DIN 55026 A20 A28 A28 A28 A28 A28
Spindle bore ∅ sb mm
Tail-Stock Center Part weight e.p. Wbc t 30 40 60 40 60 90