GER UVG CNC Rotary Table Universal Grinding Center

The UVG-CNC rotary table universal grinding centers provide the ideal solution for universal grinding of large diameter, heavy components which require internal, external and face grinding – for example motor casings, gears, bearings and turbines found in sectors such as power generation, aerospace and marine.

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UVG CNC Rotary Table Universal Grinding Center

Using the UVG-CNC for heavier components has a distinct advantage over a horizontal grinder in that, rather than constantly fighting gravity, the weight of the component actually makes it easier to load and position on a rotary table.

As well as the standard wheel head configuration, the UVG-CNC can offer a wide choice of wheel spindle combinations, together with a large variety of accessories to enable each machine to be tailored to an individual customer’s production requirements.

Standard Wheel Head Configurations
  • 2 x vertical spindles for internal and external grinding.
  • 1 x horizontal spindle for surface grinding.
  • 1 x measuring probe to enable precise size control of internal and external diameters and component height.

GER UVG CNC Rotary Table Universal Grinding Center

Table Dia (mm) 600 800 1.000 1.200 1.500 1.800
Max Grinding Dia (mm) 800 800 1.200 1.200 1.500 1.800
Max Grinding Height (mm) 500 500 700 700 700 700
Max Job Weight (kg) 2.000 2.000 3.500 3.500 3.500 4.000
Rotary Table Speed (r.p.m) 0 – 130 0 – 130 0 – 100 0 – 130 0 – 85 0 – 50


The machines are equipped with the latest generation FANUC 0i-TF control, motors and equipment.

The powerful user-friendly 15” touch screen control uses graphic-based software specially created by GER. The interactive software helps make it easier for less experienced operators to use.

Touch-screen programming with user-friendly GER graphic based grinding cycle screens to guide the operator.

Main Features
  • The machines are equipped with the latest generation FANUC 0i-TF CNC control, motors and equipment.
  • Intuitive programming allows difficult grinding and dressing programs to be linked to create pre-defined simple cycles.
  • The step-by-step programming philosophy makes it easier to program complicated jobs.
  • USB and Ethernet connections enable program input and saving.
  • A useful feature enables the operator to modify the process during automatic cycle without affecting the original program.
  • Software page application for grinding time calculations.
  • On-screen messages help the operator to choose the most suitable grinding operation for the process.
  • Data base screen which allows customers to create and save the characteristics of grinding wheels and diamond tooling.
  • Wheel dressing is made easy with pre-defined graphic profiles.
  • Powerful software allows on screen graphic visualization and direct input of complex non-standard profiles to be programmed using ISO code.
  • Possibility of grinding different profiles using the profile following cycle.
  • Measuring probe enables precise size control before, during and after each grinding operation.