Breakdown Service

Swiftness and Accuracy. Signs of a job done right.

With a multi-disciplined service team across Canada and in parts of the USA we are always ready to serve our customers. Whether you have purchased the machine from us or not we are focused on getting you up and running in the shortest time possible. In doing this, DiPaolo Machine Tools Ltd. is able to help countless businesses in a timely and cost effective fashion. Our specialized services and the skilled technicians that perform them, while wide and varied, result in one thing: complete customer satisfaction time and again giving each and every one of our clients excellent value for their dollar. Whether your machinery needs on-site service or it can be shipped to our facilities, we can offer a realistic solution that is guaranteed to get your business back up and running. Being a manufacturer like you, we understand that when one of your machines is down, your revenue is not too far behind. This is precisely why our service technicians will do whatever it takes to turn your problem into “OUR” solution. Hand-in-hand, working as partners towards a common goal: YOUR SUCCESS.

Preventative Maintenance

Plan. Do. Check.

You can dramatically extend the life of your machine tools by detecting problems before costly damage occurs. Have our service technicians keep your machines in top working order so that you can do what you do best.

  • Custom programs offer the coverage you need
  • A logical investment that will pay for itself
  • Technicians arrive with the tools and parts to get the job done the first time
  • Keeps your machine tools well adjusted and operating in top condition
  • Identify potential problems with your machine tools before they develop into large problems that cause downtime

Our Process

Calibration Laser and Ball Bar Services

Hit the target the first time, every time.

Accuracy – it’s the lifeblood of any business using machine tools, which is why regular calibrations come into play. While there may be numerous ways to calibrate machine tools, the method of choice for consistency and repeatability is laser interferometers.

Don’t settle for laser calibrations that calibrate a machine’s ballscrew positional accuracy, while ignoring geometric accuracy. Doing this only compensates for the machine’s positioning without considering Squareness, Parallelism and Perpendicularity. While some will attempt to do the job right, they fall short by not including a comprehensive check and correction of all the factors affecting machine accuracy.

At DiPaolo, we offer comprehensive laser calibration and ballbar services using only the latest Renishaw technology in laser equipment. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right! 

Our goals for calibration services are to:

  • Maximize machinery accuracy and reliability
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce waste
  • Guarantee ISO compliance 100% of the time

Spindle Taper Grinding

Spindle taper problems can lead to poor cutting performance, unacceptable quality, extensive machine downtime, and more. Common spindle taper problems are bell mouthing, excessive galling, or damage from a crash. Provided that the machine’s bearings are in satisfactory condition, precision, on-site, in-place grinding of spindle tapers is now a practical alternative. The process usually requires less than one day per spindle; can be performed for less than the cost of spindle replacement; and yields important additional benefits.

Our Process

Machinery Moves and Installations

Whether you have a single machine or a whole plant to move, trust DiPaolo Machine Tools to pull together the resources to get the job done right. Our experienced field service team, coupled with our North American network of riggers and trucking companies, have moved hundreds of machines and commissioned them at their new homes.