Favretto Wheel Master Grinder


Favretto Wheel Master Grinder

General Technical Specifications

Stock No. 4932

 Model MG-300-2T

VM-22 Dual head rough and finishing surface grinder
Table Size                                                                               59.05” x 118.11”
6 Magnetic chucks                                                                  59” x 19.68”
Max. grinding length                                                               27.5”
Load capacity                                                                        4409 lbs
Grinding wheel size                                                                20” x 8” x 3.94”
Max. speed                                                                            1400 RPM
Longitudinal axis table max. travels                                       137.79”
Cross & vertical, axis head max. rapid speed                        196 IPM
Vertical axis head max.                                                           31.5”
Year Mfg.                                                                               1995

Equipped With The Following:

Siemens Control model Sinumek CNC
Berg – Model SC 6 Chilling system with filter with 30 HP