Pfauter Gear Hobber


Pfauter Gear Hobber

General Technical Specifications

Stock No. 4252

Model P 1800/2300B

Principal Specifications:

Maximum workpiece diameter  90″
Maximum  DP 1
Minimum number of teeth cut  16
Maximum axial travel  41.3″
Center distance between workpiece and hob
Maximum  50″
Minimum  11.8″
Diameter of work table  55″
Diameter of work table bore  19.6″

Maximum hob dimensions
Diameter  11.4″
Length 18″

Maximum hob shift 12″
Hob speed (infinitely variable) 12 to 150 rpm

Feeds (infinitely variable)
Axial feed .014 to .283 i.p.r.
Radial .003 to .059 i.p.r.

Main motor 20 HP
460V, 42KVA, 60Hz

Machine net weight (approximate) 68,000 lbs.
Floor space required L 260″ x W 159″ x H 151″

Equipped with:Universal hob head w/automatic hob-shift
Outboard support column w/clamshell type
Differential mechanism
Hydraulic table relief
Fully automatic work cycles
Chip conveyor
Misc Change gears
1 Arbor