Super Fast Roughing and Ultra Finishing Performance

Hwacheon’s machining software monitors many environment and machining condition related variables and makes optimized adjustments for the best quality results at optimum work efficiency.

Tough Machine Structure

VESTA-2000 minimized deformation with high rigid C-type frame and FEM analysis.

High-Performance Spindle

The spindle with the direct-coupled motor(standard) does not have any other power transmission components, delivering motor rotations, power, and torque directly to the tool with out loss. Bearings are coated with semi-permanenet grease-lubricant and the air curtain completely prevents contamination, while jacket-circulation spindle frame cooling system minimizes thermal displacement.

High-Precision Feed Drive

VESTA-2000 applied LM guide for high precision when moving in high speed. Especially 4 guide way on Y-axis will support wide materials and increase precision.